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Are eggs good for athletes and fitness enthusiasts?

As an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, one needs to focus more on his/her physical health. For a normal person, it will be difficult to keep track of their body. But for a person who is more into sports, it is a must-do thing. For that, he/she must have to eat healthily and eggs provide you with proper protein.

Ex: How pen needs refills and Car need fuel to perform. Same way Athletes/fitness enthusiasts need necessary proteins and nutrition to keep their bodies fit and perform better.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” No, We have to change that meta to “An egg a day keeps the doctor away”.

Benefits of the egg for an athlete/fitness enthusiast

    1. Vitamin D: It is one of the most basic and essential vitamins for a normal person as well as an athlete. Because of the amount of time they spend in training and workout sessions. Normally an athlete needs around 5000 IU of Vitamin D/day for around 8 weeks, to reach 40 ng/mL, then 1000–2000 IU/day for maintenance.


    1. Vitamin A: Athletes who are more into acrobatics, running, and jumping tend to put more stress on bones and joints. It helps to promote bone health as well. Vitamin A is known for its role in vision.
      source: Eggs, Cheese and yogurt, etc


    1. Vitamin E: Athletes from this generation tend to spend more time in the gym compared to the ones in the ’90s. It helps to ease muscle cramps. It is also important for maintaining stamina and energy.


  1. Selenium: Especially in the sports like tennis, swimming, and football, Athletes tend to be more fit compared to the other sports. Are eggs good for athletes and fitness enthusiasts? Obviously while playing oxygen consumption increases automatically. While performing it for several hours, it puts constant stress on the body. so selenium help protects cells from stress.


The major difference between Abhi Egg and Normal Egg

1075.4 IU Vitamin D3 97.72 IU
1086.5 IU Vitamin A 434.6 IU
10.6 mg Vitamin E 1.51 mg
147 mcg Selenium 73.51 mcg